Essential internal KazTron functionality, plus bot information and control commands.

Essential KazTron functionality: core setup and configuration tasks, general-purpose error handling for other cogs and commands, etc. It also includes commands for general bot information and control. The Core cog cannot be disabled.

1. info

Provides bot info and useful links.

This command provides the version of the KazTron instance currently running, the latest changelog summary, and links to documentation, the GitHub repository, and other resources for operators and moderators.

Usage: .info


Moderators, Administrators.

2. request (bug, issue)

Submit a bug report or feature request to the KazTron bot team.

Usage: .[request|bug|issue] <content>


Everyone can use this command, but please make sure that:

  • Your issue is clear and sufficiently detailed.
  • You submit one issue per command. Do not include multiple issues in one command, or split up one issue into multiple commands. Otherwise the bot team will get mad at you =P

If you’re reporting a bug, include the answers to the questions:

  • What were you trying to do? Include the exact command you tried to use, if any.
  • What error messages were given by the bot? Exact message.
  • Where and when did this happen? Ideally, link the message itself (message menu > Copy Link).


  • .request When trying to use the `.roll 3d20` command, I get the message:
    "An error occurred! Details have been logged. Let a mod know so we can investigate."
    This only happens with d20, I've tried d12 and d6 with no problems.
    The last time this happened in #tabletop on 2018-01-31 at 5:24PM PST.

3. jekyllate

Generate Jekyll-compatible markdown documentation for all loaded cogs.

Usage: .jekyllate


Moderators, Administrators.
Mod channels.